Working Toward Co-liberation

At Tree of Life we join in mutual striving toward the liberation of all beings. We see our belonging to the earth and each other as central to the work of transforming and healing the systems of oppression that bind us.

Tree of Life is committed to cultivating a culture of belonging, interconnection, mutual care and responsibility. In this way we can grow and learn together in a diverse community. We seek to do our part in educating students toward a just, equitable, loving society based on caring for one another and our earth. We strive to amplify, uplift, honor and center the voices of black, brown and indigenous people and people of color. We celebrate the unique identity, spirit and perspective of each person. We are delighted and made more whole by a diversity of opinion, culture, ethnicity, race, sex, gender identity and expression, nation of origin, languages spoken, color, religion, disability, sexual orientation and beliefs.

Help us Support and Amplify Organizations that build representation, equity and justice in outdoor education.